The Boolean Machine

by Rockwell Schrock

Move your cursor over the Boolean operators to the left to see how each one works.

When using AND, you only receive pages including both of your search terms, though not necessarily next to one another.

When using OR, you receive pages containing either one or both of your search terms.

The NOT operator is used to find pages including only the first term and excluding the second term.

What is the Boolean Machine?

The Boolean Machine is a tool for visualizing the effects of Boolean operators on keyword searches. It was created to teach the importance of Boolean operators in effective search strategies.

How do I use it?

Move your cursor over each of the Boolean operators to find out how they work.

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You are welcome – and encouraged – to use the Machine or images of the Machine in your lectures, presentations, and plans for world domination.

But the old one is better!

If you prefer, the original Boolean Machine is still accessible.

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